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Riding 70 miles for BORP

Will Randleman

Since Will's spinal cord injury in 2016 biking has been an important part of his recovery. Will uses an adaptive trike to pedal 20-40 miles on weekends around Silicon Valley. This is his 3rd year riding in the BORP Revolution Ride, after completing 22 miles in 2016 and 53 miles in 2017 (it was supposed to be "only" 45 miles but his dad made a wrong turn resulting in an 8 mile detour up a mountain). This year Will is biking 70 miles and his dad will pay closer attention to the route map. In the past two years he raised over $30,000. Please help us support BORP by donating.


raised of $20,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Edith Goltra
You're an inspiring human being, Will.
2. Randy Randleman
3. Michael Franks
4. Dontae Johnson
5. Anna Guthery
Way to be Will!
6. Joel Randleman
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