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Welcome to #teambalucas

Rob Balucas

Most of you know my story. If you don't, here's the long version.

The short:

On September 5, 2015 – the weekend prior to my first 70.3 IRONMAN – on a routine training bicycle ride, I lost control of my bike on downhill switchbacks, crossed over the oncoming lane and went over the side of a hill.

I had a broken collarbone, several cracked ribs, a 70% collapsed lung, and worst of all an L1 burst fracture in the lumbar spine. The very next day after my fall, the doctors performed a spinal fusion. It has left me paralyzed in a wheelchair without any feeling or control of my legs.

I set a goal to do a triathlon within a year of my injury.

With the help of BORP I was able to train on their handcycles before I raised the $12k+ to buy my own equipment.

Now I want to give back. This is where I would love your support in giving back to an incredibly worthy cause that made a direct difference in my life.


raised of $1,000 goal

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