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My Annual BORP Revolution Ride Fundraising Page

Marissa Shaw

Over 20 years ago, when I came to the Bay Area, one organization really change my life! The organization is the Bay Area Outreach and Recreational Program. Otherwise, known as (BORP.) I first came to BORP as a student from UC Berkeley who needed a bit of time away from my school books occasionally on Sundays. I still go on a few BORP trips on Sundays.

A few years ago, I started cycling with encouragement from a friend. Currently, I can cycle about 10 miles in two hours. I'm proud of this achievement. My legs have gotten much stronger since I started cycling.

This year I have a new cycling partner. His name is Jason Allen. He’s new to BORP cycling scene, so this will be interesting to see how far and how fast can cycle together.

This year, I am participating in my 5th Revolution ride. This is a major fundraiser for the Bay Area Outreach Recreational Program. Your donation to my ride helps support BORP’s programs.

Thank you in advance for your support of the Bay Area Outreach Recreational Program. This organization is a small 501(c)(3) that helps youth and adults with disabilities in sports and recreation.




raised of $1,660 goal

Recent Donations

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Have a great ride!
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Ride or die!
5. Dominique Rougeau
6. Rachel O'marra
Good luck Marissa!